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Integrated Software Solutions, Inc. Adds New Shareholder Accounting Software Clients
MALVERN PA – December 22, 2010:

Integrated Software Solutions, Inc. (ISS), a leading provider of shareholder accounting solutions for the financial markets sector, announced today that it has entered into multi-year agreements with several banks during the 4th quarter including Business Bank of St. Louis, Patterson State Bank, and JSJ Corporation. After evaluating several processing systems, organizations consistently selected ISS' CU SHARE™ shareholder accounting platform to provide shareholder management services.

The CU SHARE processing platform will support the shareholder accounting business requirements with a flexible, open database technology infrastructure, streamlined operations, and the advanced capabilities necessary to respond to market and investor demands. 

"We are very excited about installing our software at these new customer sites. ISS is a leading provider of shareholder accounting solutions for commercial and corporate transfer agents," commented James Christ, Director of Client Services. "We believe our ability to serve the needs of companies’ unique processing requirements such as unique stock processing give us a competitive advantage in today's market," Glynn concluded.

About Integrated Software Solutions, Inc.:
ISS provides innovative shareholder accounting processing solutions that support the evolving requirements of corporations, banks, financial services companies and state governments. With over 20 years experience ISS delivers customized, flexible and cost effective shareholder accounting solutions and services.

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James Christ
610.560.4300 ext. 102

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