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Corporate Universe 6.3 Software Adds Processing Features for Build America & Recovery Zone Bonds
MALVERN PA - April 21, 2009:

Integrated Software Solutions, Inc. announced today the availability of processing for Build America Bonds and Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds. Build America Bonds are a new form of taxable bonds to be issued by municipalities. Part of the government stimulus package, the bonds include the US Treasury providing a tax credit of 35% of the interest payments. In the case of Recovery Zone Bonds the Treasury will pay a 45% tax credit to issuers.

Corporate Universe, a web-based system, designates the type of bond during setup and handles required processing of the issue. It is anticipated that Build America Bonds will become a primary financing vehicle for municipalities and states due to the government subsidy that results in lower borrowing costs for the issuer.

According to J. Michael Glynn, President, "We are very pleased that new customers are using the ISS FEES software to better process fee billings. Increased levels of data integration combine to reduce overall costs and improve revenue for our customers”. According to James Christ, Senior Product Analyst, "The software provides organizations with greater flexibility and controls to handle non-standard pricing arrangements. This flexibility results in more operational efficiencies”.

About Integrated Software Solutions, Inc.:
For over 25 years, ISS has delivered cost effective solutions using the leading technologies available to provide bond recordkeeping and stock transfer processing solutions to the banking industry, corporations, and government.

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Michael Glynn
610.560.4300 ext. 195

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